पुनर्वित्तं पुनर्मित्रं पुनर्भार्या पुनर्मही।

एतत्सर्वं पुनर्लभ्यं न शरीरं पुनः पुनः॥

धन, संपति, मित्र, स्त्री बार-बार मिल सकते हैं; लेकिन मनुष्य-शरीर केवल एक ही बार प्राप्त होता है।

एक बार नष्ट हो जाने के बाद पुनः प्राप्त करना असंभव है।

इसीलिए इस मानव-देह को स्वथ्य रखते हुए/स्वथ्य बना के अधिकाधिक राष्ट्र व मानव कल्याण में लगाना

ही मानव-देह की सार्थकता है

Who We Are?

BRIO – A Health Café, is the INDIA’s “FIRST” Health Cafe Brand.

Health is a thing we all want but what we do for this health in daily life of ours matters a lot. Every day, we go to college, gym, tour, work, or business meets, hoping to do one biggest thing: having a nutritional healthy food, which make us no regret/compromise in terms of health.

Started with a mission “to make INDIA strong in health” by providing best in nutrition from Fruits, Vegetables and Other Nutritional Health Food Materials. We give our utmost to produce best quality products by using the new technology and methods, without any compromise in nutritional figures. Here we proudly say, we “purchase best, process best & deliver the best” to our consumers.

Addition to above, we are constantly exploring the power of good food and serving it in best to enhance quality of life and a heathier future for everyone, today and for generations to come. We focus our energy and resources where the power of good food can make the greatest difference to the lives of people and pets, and to protect and enhance the environment.

What we offer?

We simply offer Healthy Products Which you can’t find nowhere else.




Milk Products

Tasty Break Bowls

Healthy Meals

आरोग्यं परमं भाग्यं स्वास्थ्यं सर्वार्थसाधनम्॥

निरोगी होना परम भाग्य है और स्वास्थ्य से अन्य सभी कार्य सिद्ध होते हैं | Good health is the greatest blessing. Health is means of everything.

Every day we touch hundreds of lives especially youths. We want to help shape a better and healthier happy world for our youths, for our society and for the country. Our stories take a deeper look at how BRIO is making a difference.


Removing scarcity for Healthier Diet options

Availing healthier choices with rich nutritional figures

Aware to youths for healthier habits

Empowering plant-based diets for healthier future


Setting community health and wellness camps

Developing livelihood among locals in dairy, clay, organic fertilisers etc.

Creating 5 direct job and 25 indirect jobs per store

Supporting in De-addiction of alcohol, tobacco etc


Effectively supporting Clean India and Green India program

Cleaning riverbank, segregating waste, and safely disposing off

Supporting in renovation of Chaurahas, Flyovers, Walkways.

Empathy with Youth

BRIO believes youths are the leaders of tomorrows. We care for the youth’s good food need and tuned ourselves with the best solutions provider. We know nutrition is essential for the growth and development, health and well-being, and good food contributes to long term good health and prevents from chronic disease risks.

We offer our health foods products at very economic prices to youths, to satiate their healthy cravings.

Our presence


Rising Start-up of the year


BRIO @Rama University

“The first wealth is Health .” Ralph Waldo Emerson`

Our Vision :




We CARE You. That’s why we serve only Natural. Pure. Fresh

For us your health is the only priority.

Sustainability Model “VRIO”

Value: Yes. BRIO offers resources that adds value for customers.

Rarity: Yes. BRIO poses scarce method, techniques and capabilities to prepare different type of products.

Imitability: Yes. Our predatory pricing makes difficult to find an equivalent substitute to compete. Very hard to imitate BRIO.

Organization: Yes. BRIO have organized management systems, processes, structures, and culture to capitalize on resources and capabilities.





Yoga & Meditation Session


Hygiene & Quality Control

Technology & Processes

Mail Us on : [email protected]

Contact : +91- 93103 03995

Headquarters :

C/O Stelwart Enterprises, 6B/36 AWAS VIKAS, HANSPURAM, KANPUR, Kanpur Nagar,

Uttar Pradesh, 208021